Our stance on Social Justice

Speaking on Social Justice                                                                       June 6, 2020


In light of the recent social unrest, we, at Synergy Learning Academy thought it important to make a statement reflective of our values.

Any show of force whether subtle and institutionalized or through aggressive means, that means to disempower any sector of society from opportunity of advancement, especially the family unit represented in any form… we view it as contrary to the greater good.

At Synergy Learning Academy, we work for the greater good which is currently suffering of neglect, aggression and oppression. Although the scope of our work and focus is within our school community, we recognize that the health of our community is tied to that which surrounds it.

We have adapted the Montessori educational framework and philosophy precisely because it not only offers an excellent, well-rounded learning foundation robust in academics, culture and social justice, but it continues to stand the test of time.

Dr. Maria Montessori constructed an intelligent and mindful framework which she offered open-endedly for others knowledgeable and committed to its philosophy to continue to expand upon it, in order to welcome healthy, caring progress open to each sector of society that has in its intention the greater good.

To clarify, the greater good is that which means to do good to all forms of life, as the natural web of life of which we humans, are a part and cannot be excluded. One that offers tools of advancement and progress for all, irrespective of background or nature, just free will that comes from care and trust in the environment as well as those in it.

The social unrest of our time has derived from a long growing breach of trust that can no longer continue. It must be recognized in its steps and intention. In order to lessen further damage, it must also be stopped. We must communicate our intentions to those who we choose to represent us in laws, policies and funding. As citizens of a nation and of the world, we have a responsibility to do our part to make it better for those to whom we are leaving it.

If any real change is to last, it must focus on the children as the purity of their spirit can nurture our perspective to do better than those that came before us. For that, we need to hold ourselves back from what we think we know and open ourselves up to listen and reflect on what we are yet to learn. Children are meant to play an essential role to teach us that potential comes in different forms and reveals itself in different times, as we nurture the confidence it needs for it to reveal itself.

For every angry adult try to imaging him/her as a child, or perhaps afraid or desperate for a child of their own without knowing the way forward, as all they see is walls.

May we all work to provide an environment that nurtures individual potential for all based on trust, love and acceptance of all, which includes seeing ourselves as part of the same whole.

In hope and service,

The Synergy Learning Academy Leadership