School Break Camps

SLA offers two different programs; “Academic year” calendar (September through June) and “Year-round” calendar (September through August).

Our Academic year calendar aligns with the local school district calendar while our year-round calendar runs for 12 months with the exception of national holidays and some special SLA specific holidays!

Learning continues through “Winter Break”, “Mid-winter break”, “Spring Break” and “Summer break” when SLA offers CAMPS. All “year-round” students are automatically enrolled into the school break camps at no extra cost! Camps are available to other students at extra cost depending on space availability!

Detailed information and sign-up information about the upcoming camp will be available few weeks before the start of the CAMP!

There are many types of school break camps available for kids. Some of the most popular types of school break camps include:

These are just a few examples of the many types of school break camps available.