We focus on educating the needs of the whole child; mind, physical body, spirit and soul.

Values Education is to equip children with the core values such as truthfulness, kindness, humility, compassion, tolerance, self-control, reverence, empathy, non-violence, and many others that shape them into good citizens.

Sanskrit will be the second language included in the core curriculum. Hindi, Spanish, Japanese and others will be provided as part of after school enrichment programs.

Students are challenged to their maximum potential irrespective of their grade and more opportunities are provided for those who want to excel beyond the norm.

A variety of after school enrichment programs will be offered including but not limited to European and Asian Languages, dance, music, chess, martial arts, and many more. The school will work with the local vendors and parents to provide a good variety.

Please refer to the ‘Learning’ tab for more details.

For the year 2015-2016, we are offering pre-elementary through sixth grade. We will be growing each year, until eighth grade.

As values education is an important aspect of Synergy International School, values are incorporated in all subject areas and students are expected to uphold these values at school, home and in the community that they live. Values taught at school become integral part of teaching, non-teaching staff and all students.

Currently the school is not equipped to handle children with special needs. We will work with the parents on a need basis.

Yes. Children will be exposed to different sports during PE. Interested children can pursue their favorite sport during after school activities. Depending on the number of interested children, the school will work with the families to find a qualified coach.