Summer Camps

Discover our Montessori school summer camps at Synergy Learning Academy. Engaging activities and experienced teachers ensure a fun and educational experience for your child. Montessori School Summer Camps | Synergy Learning Academy Summer break usually starts last week of June and ends with Labor day weekend. Summer is the time for teachers as well as students to refresh, rejuvenate and reposition for another year of learning!

Summer at Synergy Learning Academy is fun and productive! Synergy Learning Academy’s summer learning will include areas of study that lend opportunities for hands-on explorations, STEAM activities, musical and outdoor fun!

  • Caring for the outdoor environment
  • Water play
  • Camping
  • Preparing a picnic
  • Creating outdoor art
  • Playing with a ball
  • Practicing applying sunscreen
  • To educate the whole child – the mind, the body and the soul, by developing intellectual competence, virtuous behavior, emotional intelligence and a compassionate nature in relationships
  • To provide quality education using a fine blend of modern techniques with time tested ideas and methods
  • To adopt creative teaching methods that will kindle the curiosity of the students and make them academically competent
  • To provide self-development programs like yoga, meditation etc. that take the students beyond the confines of a class room, maximize their potential and make them better individuals
  • To inculcate life-oriented skills, values and competencies to become entrepreneurs
  • To develop students into society-conscious global citizens

Summer Camps are fun, flexible and educational. Your one-stop-shop for summer fun.