After school Enrichment

Synergy Learning Academy is also trying to extend students’ interest and learning through providing a full range of after school enrichment. We are committed to providing our students with the most exciting learning opportunities. Now we have partnered with Lead United Soccer Club to operate soccer class in our school. If you are looking for other sports, Taekwondo classes might be a good choice, which starts with some stretching exercises and followed by basic hand techniques, kicks, forms, self-defense, block and hit techniques.

We are also doing art class in after school to teach some basic drawing skills, coloring, painting, and introduction knowledge of art. Bharatanatyam dance classes are taught in our school as well. We are also doing sewing lessons with an award-winning seamstress to teach students how to use sewing machine, work with patterns, and create a sewing project.

After-school activities for kids are essential, as they can improve their mental and physical health, help them break the knowledge barrier, and much more. Often children are not taught real-life skills in schools, making it difficult for them to survive later in life. So, as parents, you can be proactive in helping your kid develop these necessary skills by encouraging them to participate in after-school activities. 

After-school enrichment activities are a great way to keep children engaged and focused while also providing them with opportunities to learn and grow. These activities can include a wide range of options such as AI clubs, coding groups, music lessons, and sports 1Enrichment activities break the barriers of curricular structures and government mandates, allowing students to design, create, and learn without limits 1.