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Coronavirus update                                                  Remote Learning                                                                              

too-sick-for-school?                                          Independence – An important life skill

social justice – Whole-Hearted What Can Baby Teeth Tell Us about Autism and Heavy Metals? | Goop

Our Stance on Social Justice                 Baby Teeth are Important


Many parents are concerned about their child’s eating and too often try to feed their young ones thinking that they know best how much the child should eat and what is good for their child. Following are few resources that help you with making these choices for your child!

To do its part in keeping children healthy, in 2012, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) made its first major revisions to school meal standards in over 15 years. The standards embrace whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; limit fat and sodium; and set age-appropriate calorie limits and portion sizes. These changes reach nearly 32 million children.

  • Introduce your child to a variety of foods.
  • Discuss where various foods come from. Grocery shop together. Visit farms, farmers markets, and orchards, if possible, to speak directly to farmers.

Kids and Oral Health – Visit Cavity Free Kids for more information

Feeding and Young Children                               Child Feeding – Ages and stages

Boost your child’s development – Twelve Spring Activities

Free Online Developmental Screening Tool 

Synergy Learning Academy is an independent, coeducational, nonsectarian school offering a comprehensive education for the whole child.  read more

  • Proven Montessori
  • To educate the whole child – the mind, the body and the soul, by developing intellectual competence, virtuous behavior, emotional intelligence and a compassionate nature in relationships
  • To provide quality education using a fine blend of modern techniques with time tested ideas and methods
  • To adopt creative teaching methods that will kindle the curiosity of the students and make them academically competent
  • To provide self-development programs like yoga, meditation etc. that take the students beyond the confines of a class room, maximize their potential and make them better individuals
  • To inculcate life-oriented skills, values and competencies to become entrepreneurs
  • To develop students into society-conscious global citizens
  • method of education
  • Small class sizes to provide individual attention
  • Values Education, Sanskrit, Spanish, Yoga and Art